Reach your target audience through our market-leading, sector specific publications.

Core’s high quality bespoke publications provide you with the opportunity to engage and reach your target audience.

Our publications are designed with the reader in mind, delivering a high impact, clean, quality feel and crisp finish. Each publication is designed to reflect your business and its positioning as a product/service provider within its particular sector.

Working with your copy and stories, the design flexibility of each publication allows you to communicate your brand and message on an all-encompassing and versatile media platform in both hard copy and digital format. It enables and allows you flexibility in your communication approach, to directly execute a single strong message or deliver multiple messages, as a fundamental and key element of your marketing and communications mix.

The publications are informative and reader friendly with a high level of retention value. This provides the foundation and robustness required for a successful publication. Our bespoke publications will help you:

  • Increase awareness of your expertise in your target sector
  • Educate the end user
  • Drive enquiries
  • Increase sales
  • Establish trust with your audience
  • Increase awareness of your products and services with the end user
  • Raise profile of your expertise within an organisation and official partnerships
  • Strengthen your brand and positioning of your company/organisation

To attract the attention of your target audience, we work hard to produce engaging creative solutions that transform your stories and articles, maximising the effectiveness of your communications.

Drawing on our many years of experience in the communicatons and media industry, Core has created a unique proposition that combines both a traditional and digital approach to producing industry specific publications.

Strong artwork concepts and design layout, combined with your localised business/ sector-specific content, drives a message of confidence and quality for every reader.

As well as hard copy quality printed versions, our standard publication service includes the provision of two digital links. One is a standard PDF of each publication. The second is a digital platform that allows the reader to physically turn individual digital pages on the screen. It also includes a host of other features such as zoom in and out and printing off single, multiple or entire publications to name a few.

The direct benefit of supplying links is that it enables individuals or entire organisations to attach and insert the links easily into email correspondence as well as adding them to email signatures and the like. It allows you to both control content and maximise communications internally, as well as externally.

Core’s high quality, bespoke publications will help you engage with and reach your target audience.

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