Producing a great website, engaging marketing communications and writing exciting articles and blogs are essential. But they only work if you have a plan for getting those messages out to your clients, prospects and the media.

In today’s electronic era, it’s increasingly affordable to communicate with your clients and prospects.

At Core we provide a PR, social media and e-marketing service that is ideal for businesses who need to communicate globally with existing and potential customers quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We constantly hear from businesses that need PR but think it is out of their reach. Our aim is to make good, successful PR affordable for everyone.

Our journalists will write a press release that will make a real difference to the promotion of your business. All we need are the key facts about your event, product or idea for example, as well as the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and we will do the rest. Once you are happy with your release, we will research a relevant media distribution list including online, print and even broadcast media.

Our PR and communications are:

  • Global reaching
  • Written by professional journalists
  • Fast, efficient and cost-effective
  • Affordably priced
  • Coherent PR message
  • Strategically aligned to manage your business’s strategic goals

Core is the alternative PR agency; supporting start-up businesses, through to large corporate organisations and everything in between. We provide a quick, professional, affordable PR, social media and e-marketing solution.

At Core, we can offer you a three-way approach to growing the potential audience for your products and communicating with them more effectively. Our services include:

Press relations

Our press team are experienced professionals who have worked in corporate PR departments. They can advise you on press relations strategy in a way that can elevate your business and reinforce the brand values and product messages that will enhance your business’s reputation.

We have strong connections across the mainstream national and international media. In addition, we have the connections with local media outlets and trade press to ensure we can deliver the right content to the right media at the right time.

Social media

The new kid on the block is growing up. It’s no longer acceptable for companies to ignore social media as a distribution channel for their market. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another social media outlet, you need to know what the right strategy is for your business.

Our social media experts can advise you on the approach that suits your business, recommend a selection of media and work with you on a tactical plan that is affordable and manageable.

We can also support you by managing your social media account, monitoring its progress and reporting on its performance.


This has become a staple of most companies’ marketing campaigns. It’s cheap, it’s quick and you know a message has been delivered to your clients. However, be warned. As you probably know from your own inbox, there are so many companies sending e-newsletters every day, inboxes get clogged very quickly and poor e-newsletters can lead to people unsubscribing from your communications.

We can help you by developing a program of activity that ensures you don’t alienate your clients and prospects. We can also design and write your newsletters, manage your mailing list and report on the performance of your e-newsletters.

Of course, as with all PR we can’t guarantee that your press release will appear in all the media on the distribution list, but with our professional writing and resources, we can promise that your PR press release stands the best chance of success.

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