A growing population and middle class, together with substantial efforts to diversify away from the oil and gas industries provides many business opportunities across the region.

In the Middle East, more than perhaps anywhere else worldwide, it is imperative to organise a face-to-face meeting, as the ability to build trust is greatly increased in this environment.

Having a senior contact in a company or organisation is key to penetrating the industry in the region, and this is where we at Core Business Solutions can help guide you to the right person and make warm introductions at the highest level. Relationships and a good deal of patience are key factors in achieving success in the region; together they offer great long term benefits. The Core team can help you with:

  • Information and consultancy advice for exporting technology, services and products to the U.A.E, Oman and Qatar
  • Market research and analysis for the potential of your products in the region
  • Translation and localisation of your company profile, marketing and promotional materials
  • Sourcing distributors and/or agents for companies wishing to trade in the region
  • Facilitating partnerships with companies, for cooperation and joint business ventures in the region
  • Liaison with Emirati, Omani and Qatari companies

A region varying in geography, ethnicity, religion, and culture, the diversity of the Arab world means it is necessary to learn more about the economy and culture of each individual country in order to discover the opportunities available for your business.


Oman, with its long history as a trading location and its oil based natural resources, has been a destination for foreign investment for many years. Like other countries in the region, efforts are already underway to diversify the economy and government revenues away from petroleum.


Oil and natural gas revenues have placed Qatar as one of the highest per-capita income countries globally, as well as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The establishment of the Qatar Financial Centre and the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, are clear evidence of the concerted effort to attract investors to Qatar across a range of sectors and to develop the country’s infrastructure.

The U.A.E

As a place to do business – and as a hub for the region and beyond – the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) continues to be increasingly important, relevant and attractive to businesses from around the world, particularly due to its openness to Western influence. You can’t talk about the U.A.E without hearing about the EXPO 2020 event which is expected to bring considerable growth and investment to the country.

Core has specialists on the ground in the U.A.E, Oman and Qatar, who have particular expertise in the following sectors; Medical and Pharmaceutical; Electronics and Home Appliances; Oil and Gas; Renewable Energy; and Furnishing. Our team servicing the region has worked directly with some of the largest conglomerates in the area (including Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC and Al Hajiry Trading LLC) and has direct links to industry and government contacts at the highest level.

If you wish to do business in the U.A.E, Oman and Qatar, we will utilise our existing network of connections to make introductions for you to potential distributors, joint venture partners, retailers or end users. We will accompany you to these meetings and continue to assist with any follow up or sales related activity in the region.

Core want you to have a successful business venture in the U.A.E, Oman and Qatar and are here to help you achieve this goal.

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