Service expansion to aid international business development

6th September 2017

Strategic business advisory firm, Core Business Solutions, has today launched a range of specialist services to help companies drive international development.

In what continues to be a relatively tough economic environment, these new services have been created to help companies across all market sectors to protect and grow their businesses. The services will provide firms with all the support and assistance they need when making the change from trading within their own country or region, to expanding across global markets.

Core’s Chairman, John Holmes, said “The international opportunities for business are changing. Following on from Brexit, there is a greater focus now on trading outside of the EU for British companies, and this will benefit both import and export businesses.

“Recent Government research has shown than 85% of companies say exporting has led to a level of growth that would not otherwise be possible. The UK market may appear to be big enough for your business, but thinking bigger will pay off in the long run. You shouldn’t let the fact that your businesses ‘home’ is the UK, be a hurdle to expanding globally. However, businesses do need to prepare properly for international trade, and that’s why we have launched these services”, says John.

The Core team providing the services – which include strategic development, operational support, branding and marketing, business continuity and security – has been specially assembled to advise companies on how to thrive and grow. The team consists of industry experts from all walks of life, who have lived and breathed the issues faced when building businesses – so they can give first-hand experience and reliable, quality advice and support.

All the services have been put together so that they work in tandem with a customer’s overall international development strategy, thus ensuring a consistent, coherent approach. They address all the questions faced as a business embarks upon its international journey and provide the most comprehensive, independent business support service globally.

Speaking at the launch event in Manchester today, John said, “We are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Our services will help you achieve that success, whatever your market sector. Don’t be afraid to try new markets. And remember, you’re not on your own, we’re here to help.”

For more information on Core Business Solutions and the International Strategic Partner Program, please contact John Holmes, Chairman at